August 2014

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What to Do If You See Another Boat in Trouble

The sight is horrifying. You may have been enjoying an afternoon of fishing or recreation on Rough River Lake, Barren River Lake, or another Kentucky lake or river when you noticed another boat in trouble. Maybe you saw smoke from a fire, heard people screaming,…

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Important Facts About Drunk Driving Arrests in Kentucky

Don’t Drink and Drive You heard this message for years and did your part to avoid tragic accidents on Spaghetti Junction, I-264, and other Louisville streets, but not everyone is listening. A drunk driver hit and killed your loved one and left you grieving and…

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If drunk driving is a crime then why should I pursue a wrongful death case if my loved one has been killed?

You are right. Drunk driving is a crime in Kentucky and if there is evidence that the driver who killed your loved one on the Henry Watterson Expressway, Brownsboro Road, or another Louisville street was drunk then the Commonwealth of Kentucky may bring drunk driving…

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Both my parents were in the same nursing home when one died due to suspected nursing home abuse. Should I move my surviving parent?

That is a personal decision that deserves serious thought. While we can’t tell you what to do, we would suggest that you move your surviving parent if you have any concerns at all about his or her safety. You certainly don’t want to risk the…

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How to Value the Life of a Kentucky Nursing Home Resident

Your parent was never going to go back to work, do charity work, or even maintain his or her own house again. Your parent was in a Louisville nursing home because he needed care for the rest of his or her life. However, your parent…

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How and Why to Avoid Media Attention After a TARC Accident

It seems like the news reporters and the newspapers journalists were at the scene of your Transit Authority of River City (TARC) bus accident almost as soon as the collision occurred. You may be simultaneously wondering how they arrived so quickly and worried about giving…

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