May 2015

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I feel guilty about asking for money after my spouse was killed by a doctor’s mistake. Why should I do it?

It’s understandable that you don’t want to profit from your loved one’s death. You don’t want to enjoy a financial gain because your loved one was killed by the negligence of a doctor. There would be no enjoyment in the money you recovered; instead, there…

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How to Hold Everyone Responsible for Your Loved One’s Death in a Drunk Driving Accident Accountable

The driver who was drunk when he killed your loved one is responsible for your loved one’s death. He wasn’t tricked into drinking, and there is no reason to believe that he didn’t understand the potential consequences of drinking and driving. He should be held…

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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month: How Will You Share the Road?

It’s finally feeling like spring in Louisville! With average daytime highs in the 70s and average lows just below 60, it is time to put winter behind us and get on with enjoying the beautiful outdoor sites in Kentucky. For many Kentuckians, that means getting…

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Five Things You Should Not Do Together as a Family After Your Loved One Is Killed in a Truck Accident

Together you planned the funeral and together you are mourning the death of your loved one. You shielded each other from the media coverage of your loved one’s tragic truck accident and you are relying on each other more than ever to get through this…

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Do You Own Any of These Recently Recalled Products? They Could Pose a Threat to Your Infant or Small Child

You want nothing more than to keep your child safe. From the moment you buckle your child into the car seat for the first time, child safety is the lens through which you examine every single thing you do. You wonder if the stroller, the…

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