May 2018

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My child with special needs choked in a Kentucky daycare. Is the daycare liable for his injuries?

We are sorry to hear that your child went through this terrifying incident and suffered injuries as a result. You understandably want to hold the adults responsible for supervising your child accountable for the injuries your child has suffered. Whether the daycare is liable for…

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Failure to Provide First Aid Could Be Daycare Negligence in Kentucky

Kids get hurt. Sometimes these injuries are just accidents and they are not caused by the negligence or abuse of the adults in charge. However, even when a child is accidentally hurt, daycare staff has a duty to exercise reasonable care and to provide appropriate…

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Daycare Centers Have a Duty to Prevent Eating Injuries

Whether your child is an infant who can’t feed himself, a toddler who may run around with food in her mouth, or a preschooler who can’t safely cut her own food, your child requires supervision while eating. During the hours that your child is at daycare,…

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My loved one died after choking in a nursing home. Why should I file a wrongful death lawsuit?

Your loved one died not because of her age or illness, but instead because of a choking incident at her nursing home. Right now, you are mourning the loss of your loved one and, before you can decide whether or not to pursue a wrongful…

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Can Nursing Home Choking Injuries Be Prevented?

Anyone can choke. Accidents happen, but what is a nursing home’s duty to prevent a choking accident from happening to your loved one? Nursing Homes Have a Duty of Care for Each Resident While anyone may be at risk of suffering a choking injury, many…

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Physical Therapy Malpractice Can Occur in Nursing Homes

Physical therapy (PT) is an integral and important part of the lives of many residents in nursing homes. PT can be a critical part of overall healthcare and well-being and can help to: Restore physical function Improve mobility Relieve pain Prevent or limit further physical…

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