August 2018

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My loved one needs help bathing. Does the nursing home have a responsibility to do this?

Yes, nursing homes have a responsibility to assess your loved one’s needs and to meet those needs, including bathing and other personal care. Specifically, Kentucky regulations require nursing homes to provide personal care services including, “assistance with bathing, shaving, cleaning and trimming of fingernails and…

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When Is the Untreated Pain of a Nursing Home Resident Considered Abuse or Neglect?

Nursing homes have a duty to care for their residents. This duty is not just a moral obligation but it is also a legal requirement. Federal and state regulations require nursing homes to do things such as: Provide residents with the medications prescribed by their…

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When OBRA Regulations Are Not Followed, Nursing Home Residents Are Endangered

NOTE: Our law firm operates exclusively within the state of Kentucky. While we appreciate your interest and readership, we regretfully cannot accept cases or provide legal assistance outside the state of Kentucky. In 1987, the federal government passed an important law to protect nursing home…

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What kinds of damages can my child recover after suffering a brain bleed at birth?

If your baby suffered a brain bleed due to medical negligence, your baby suffered a birth injury. Obviously, your child is too young to take legal action against the doctor, nurse, or hospital that caused his injury. Instead, as your child’s parent or guardian, it…

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What Every Parent Should Know About the Diagnosis and Treatment of Newborn Brain Bleeds

It can be difficult to trust a doctor after your child has suffered a brain bleed birth injury.  However, it is important to find a doctor you trust to diagnose and treat your child so that your child can make as full a recovery as…

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Brain Bleed in Newborn Baby May Have Been Caused by Medical Negligence

When a newborn baby develops an intracranial hemorrhage, or brain bleed, it can be a very dangerous and terrifying situation. Lifelong disabilities, or even death, could be the result. However, not all brain hemorrhages are the same. Bleeding can occur in different parts of the…

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