January 2022

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What to Know About Necrotizing Enterocolitis and When It’s the Right Time to File NEC Claims in Kentucky

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a rare medical condition. Yet, it is the most common life-threatening surgical emergency in newborn babies. In fact, 70% of babies who develop necrotizing enterocolitis were born early, and NEC is the reason for 8% of all neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)…

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Can parental lost income compensation be part of a cerebral palsy recovery?

Parental lost income compensation might be part of a cerebral palsy lawsuit, but it depends on the reasons for the reduction in income. Many families experience a change in income after the birth of a child. You may decide to take some time off from work,…

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Transfer Accidents: Hospital Falls Can Cause Severe Injuries

It may seem like all you are doing is lying in bed during your hospital stay, and you’re right. Hospitalizations involve a lot of time in bed. However, you may be moved or transferred quite often, depending on the reason for your hospitalization, and hospital…

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