5 Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Kentucky Nursing Home

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You should speak immediately with a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney if you suspect your loved one has been subjected to Kentucky nursing home abuse or neglect. The nursing home facility and/or caregiver could be held liable for the injuries your loved one has suffered.

5 Signs of Emotional Abuse in Kentucky Nursing Home

While most people tend to think of physical abuse when it comes to nursing home abuse, emotional abuse can be just as traumatic.

Some signs of emotional abuse resulting from a stay in a nursing home: 

  • feelings of isolation;
  • the sudden onset of depression or anxiety;
  • strange behaviors (such as rocking, mumbling, crying);
  • telling you they’re being ridiculed, yelled at, threatened, etc.; and
  • expressing fear of a caregiver. 

The damage from emotional abuse can be far-reaching. It can also be a strong indication that even more than you suspect may have happened. You may need to seek help from an attorney.

The reality is that there are different kinds of Kentucky nursing home abuse and neglect that can happen to a loved one. Your next step should be to seek legal counsel from a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney, who can evaluate your case and determine if you should proceed with filing a claim against the nursing home and/or caregiver. 

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