5 Winter Safety Tips for the Elderly in Louisville

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While many of us enjoy the beauty of a winter wonderland, it could be a time of danger for others. This is especially true for the elderly. Ensuring the elderly’s well-being can be done by following some winter safety tips. If someone you love was seriously injured as a result of negligence in Kentucky, contact a Louisville personal injury law firm.

Here are 5 important winter safety tips for the elderly: 

  • avoid walking where there is ice and an accumulation of snow;
  • wear appropriate clothing when outdoors;
  • be aware that certain cardiac conditions or other ailments could be worsened with strenuous activities like shoveling snow;
  • even if go out to check the mail, keep a cordless phone or cell phone handy in the event of a fall; and
  • put together a storm safety kit in the event a winter storm prevents you from leaving (flashlight, extra batteries, food, water). 

While most of us don’t think much about the dangers of winter weather, the elderly could be at risk of harm or injuries. By checking on them and teaching them winter safety tips, they can be better protected.

Speak to a Louisville personal injury law firm if the careless or reckless actions of another caused you or a loved one to sustain serious injuries. You may qualify for compensation. 

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