A Story of Determination and Achievement Despite Challenges, Kentucky

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If you are having trouble keeping your chin up during challenging times, Kentucky reader, this story will lift your spirits and convince you that you can do it—whatever it is—especially if you have people who love and believe in you.

Let me share with you a story I came across on Fox News Network about a remarkable young woman.

A Rough Start

Born with cerebral palsy, Desaray Carroll was not the type of child foster parents wanted. When the foster care agency contacted Jennie Byars about taking 16-month-old Desaray, Jennie was skeptical.

“When they brought her to me, I saw a handicapped child. But then I saw a girl with a lot of determination,” Byars said. “She bonded with us quickly. After a couple of weeks, I didn’t see her as handicapped.”

Overcoming Obstacles

Like other children with disabilities, Desaray endured bullying and teasing from peers in middle school and early high school because she was different. As if this wasn’t enough to deal with, her foster father, Slim, died in 2010, and Jennie was diagnosed with stomach cancer not long after.

The challenges Desaray faced caused her to change her outlook, and she became even more resilient. Now 19 years old, she says that when other kids pick on her or she faces other challenges, she doesn’t allow it to bring her down.

This year, at Coahulla Creek High School in Dalton, Georgia, Desaray was chosen queen of her high school prom.

We could all take a lesson from this stalwart young woman.

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