Don’t Forget These Costs If Your Child Has Suffered a Birth Injury

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You know what medical bills you have already received because of your child’s birth injury, and you know that there are more to come. You know that your child may be unable to work and may suffer significant physical and emotional pain because of the medical negligence that resulted in his birth injury. You are ready to account for these things in a birth injury settlement or court case.

But There May Be Additional Damages to Pursue

Depending on your child’s unique injuries and your family’s personal circumstances, there may be other costs that you and your birth injury lawyer should consider when you are pursuing legal damages. For example, this could include:

  • Modifications to your home or car that you would not otherwise have had to make. Modifications, such as ramps and other changes, are costly and may have been unnecessary if not for your child’s birth injuries.
  • Qualified child care that costs above and beyond what you would have otherwise spent on childcare. The daycare center in town or the babysitter down the street may be unable to safely care for your child. Your child may require supervision from someone who is qualified to care for her unique medical needs and abilities. This may cost more than you otherwise would have spent on child care.
  • Any other costs that are unique to your child. Every child is an individual and the exact damages that should be pursued in a birth injury case are dependent on your child’s unique needs.

It can be difficult to anticipate all of the costs that might be related to your child’s birth injury and to understand how to value those costs.

An Experienced Birth Injury Lawyer Can Help You Pursue a Fair Settlement

One of the first steps in the process will be to identify and value all of your child’s damages. This may require the assistance of expert witnesses, such as a life care planner and an economist. Your lawyer can help you find the right witnesses for your claim.

Has Your Family Been Impacted by a Birth Injury?

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