Caregiver for Autistic Child in Kentucky Pleads Guilty to Abuse

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According to a news story on WHAS11, a caregiver pleaded guilty on Tuesday, July 26, of abusing an autistic child under his watch. When your loved one has faced the nightmares of nursing home abuse or neglect, you may be able to speak with a Louisville nursing home lawyer to file for a claim.

Bereket Haile, a caretaker from the Kentuckian Nursing Services, was hired to look after Kristopher Worthington, an autistic teenager from Louisville. Worthington’s parents had suspicions that Haile had been either abusing or neglecting their child so they set up cameras around their house to monitor Haile’s behavior while they were out. When the videos were played back, Haile was seen hitting Worthington over the head. 

Worthington’s parents took their case to the police and then directly to a nursing home attorney to file a lawsuit against Haile and Kentuckian Nursing Services. Haile now has been sentenced to 3 months imprisonment and he must put in 32 hours of community service.

When your loved one is suffering the pain of nursing home abuse or neglect, they may be too scared to tell someone on their own. If your loved one is too frightened or debilitated to handle this problem on their own, this is when you should step in and speak with a Louisville nursing home lawyer to file a lawsuit. 

Remember, there may be several parties held liable in your claim that you may be able to collect compensation from for your loved one’s injuries.

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