Clothing That Can Prevent Hip Fractures? Coming Soon, Kentucky

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As people get older—old enough to be considered “elderly”—their risk of falling and sustaining hip injuries increases. Our bodies do what we tell them to do less and less; many of us have osteoporosis or muscle weakness; some of us suffer declines in our mental state. Whatever the cause, falling becomes more of a threat.

Preventing Hip Fractures

Despite efforts to prevent falls by improving diet, increasing exercise, and adding vitamins and prescription drugs to improve bone strength, falls—and consequently, hip fractures—continue to occur. Rather than focusing on preventing the falls, scientists have been working on ways to prevent the fractures.

First came protective shields that fit into pockets in special underwear, covering the vulnerable hip area. Initially they were well received, but a questionable study cast aspersions on the invention, implying that the shields might even cause hip injury.

Additionally, patients complained about discomfort, the possible change in their appearance, and not wanting to acknowledge their physical vulnerability. Patients wouldn’t wear the things.

From the Battleground to the Nursing Home

On the horizon is a new, shock-absorbing material that shows potential for use in clothing manufacture. Long-Term Living, an online magazine, credits advances in molecular engineering that sought to address a need expressed by people in extreme sports, the military, and law enforcement. The challenge was to come up with flexible, lightweight, low-profile clothing with “armor-like” protection.

The result is a material that is soft and flexible but becomes rigid upon impact. Once the impact has been absorbed, the material reverts to its soft, flexible state. This combination of comfort and protection may overcome patients’ reluctance to wear the item.

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