Coping With the Medical Costs of a Spinal Cord Injury in Louisville

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If you have suffered a Kentucky paralysis injury, you are no doubt experiencing a range of emotions. You are angry about the loss of your mobility, frightened about what the future may hold, and overwhelmed at the thought of paying medical costs of your injury for the rest of your life.

Your fears are entirely justified. Many spinal cord injury victims have difficulty paying their bills and supporting their families after a traumatic accident. However, victims have also been able to recover the income and medical compensation they need by filing a Louisville personal injury case.

The accident attorneys at Gray and White can help you get compensation for:

  • Hospitalization. Paralysis victims often spend weeks or months in a hospital. They may undergo surgery, have extended healing times, and have additional outpatient appointments to monitor their condition. 
  • Medical devices. Since the effects of a spinal cord injury are irreversible, victims often require medical assistance devices to adjust to their new life. These may include wheelchairs, respirators, and computerized speaking aids. 
  • Income payments. Many victims will suffer a reduced earning capacity after a spinal cord injury, and some will be completely unable to earn an independent living. A case against the person who caused your injury can provide regular income payments, allowing you to pay for your costs of care.

At Gray and White, we know that many accident victims feel scared and alone when facing the future. The important thing to remember is that there is help available—and it will cost you nothing to get it. Call our offices today at (800) 634-8767 or click the contact link on this page to begin your FREE consultation.