Seven Things You Might Be Wondering About After a TARC Accident

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You may lay awake at night wondering how this could have happened to you and what you should do next. You may talk to your friend over a drink and ask questions that your friend wants to answer but can’t answer. You are left with lots of questions and few answers in the hours and days after your Transit Authority of River City (TARC) bus accident and your anxiety and uneasiness may be increasing.

You’re Not Alone—Lots of People Wonder About the Same Things

Whether you were hurt on the TARC Route 52 (Medical Center Circulator), TARC Route 78 (Bluegrass Downtown Express), or another TARC bus route, you may be wondering:

  • If your injuries are significant enough to pursue a recovery.
  • How to go about pursuing a recovery.
  • Who to talk to about the accident.
  • If you should talk to lawyer.
  • Whether you are going to be able to pay your medical bills.
  • Whether you are going to lose your job if you can’t work.
  • If you are going to be able to make ends meet if you can’t work.

And you may have specific questions about your own unique accident and recovery.

Get All the Answers You Need

Don’t spend any more time stressing out over the potential answers to these questions. Instead, find out what the answers to these questions are and make educated decisions about how to protect your rights and your potential recovery. You can get started right now by browsing our free articles and by starting an online chat with us via this website.

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