How to Spot the Early Signs of Elder Abuse in Kentucky Nursing Homes

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You don’t even want to consider that your loved one may be suffering from abuse in a long-term care facility. But the only thing worse than discovering elder abuse in nursing homes is the thought that you could have discovered it sooner.

Thankfully, family members who know what to look for discover many cases of elder abuse in the early stages. Elder abuse can take many forms, and relatives should be aware and suspicious of any “red flags” of abuse, including:

  • Physical indicators. Burns, blisters, slap marks, bruises, or pressure marks are the most easily identified forms of abuse. Any sign of physical injury should be investigated immediately. 
  • Sexual injuries. Any sexually transmitted diseases or bruises near the genitals or breasts may be signs of sexual abuse.
  • Emotional changes. Victims who have been traumatized may react by withdrawing from normal activities, showing signs of fear or anxiety, or becoming depressed or unresponsive.
  • Financial signals. Beware of any sudden changes in your loved one’s bank accounts, trust funds, deeds, wills, Social Security status, or any cashed checks written as ʺloansʺ or ʺgifts.ʺ
  • Signs of neglect. If your loved one shows signs of bedsores, weight loss, poor hygiene, overgrown nails, soiled clothing, or untreated medical or dental care, they may be suffering from neglect. 

The important thing to remember is that these actions against the elderly are illegal, and you should always report any suspicions you may have. It’s better to be cautious than have your loved one continue to suffer.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured in a Nursing Home?

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