It’s a Complex Task, Kentucky: Recovery From a Traumatic Brain Injury

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You drive your wife home from the hospital after her many weeks of recovery from a bad traffic accident. She has a traumatic brain injury, and you need to learn about and understand what she will be going through.

She has lost function in her legs; that means you both must begin looking into adapting your home so that she will be able to get around without help. She’ll need some type of wheelchair. There are power wheelchairs available, but they are heavy. If she can maneuver a manual wheelchair, she will find that they are lighter, collapsible, and easier to stow in the back of a vehicle.

recovery from traumatic brain injury in kentuckySo that your wife can get around the house once she has the wheelchair, you have to make sure that clear paths exist throughout the house. Clutter on the floor must be a thing of the past. You may have to move furniture to provide clearance, perhaps even widen doorways so that the chair can get through.

Now let’s address the emotional aspect of her injury. She was a vital woman, always running here and there. Now, preparing to go anywhere will be more time consuming, and she’ll need help at least in the beginning. She’s bound to get frustrated and angry because she’s not used to being dependent. If you weren’t known for your patience before, you’d better change your ways.

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