New Technique Could Help Kentucky Brain Injury Victims and Families

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You look into your loved one’s eyes and you remember how he used to look back at you. You remember how he used to communicate and you wonder what is going through his mind. Does he hear you? Is he thinking?

A new technique may be able to give you and your loved one’s doctors more information. The technique is called the Perturbational Complexity Index (PCI) and it was described in the August 14, 2013 issue of the journal Science Translational Medicine.

What This Technique May Mean for Kentucky Brain Injury Victims

It is not always possible to determine consciousness by simply looking at a person. Researchers found that they could measure a pulse in the brain by EEG and determine if a person was conscious or unconscious. It is thought that the PCI technique could provide valuable information to families and doctors. The technique may tell you a Kentucky brain injury victim’s conscious at one point in time, and it could also measure how well certain treatments are working and whether the level of consciousness is being raised. Researchers caution, however, against using this technique to definitely prove the absence of all consciousness.

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