Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

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While many nursing homes take good care of their residents, some nursing homes do not. The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates 30 percent of nursing homes have had incidents of nursing home abuse, whether by staff or other residents. Before making the decision to put your loved one in a nursing home, here are some other statistics you should be aware of. 

Statistics show that up to 10 percent of nursing home residents have suffered from nursing home abuse. Financial abuse is common, with five million possible cases yearly. Of all cases, only one in 14 physical abuse cases are reported and only one in 25 financial abuse cases are reported. In total, only 20 percent of nursing home abuse cases are reported. 

In 2005, nearly 92 percent of nursing homes were cited by health inspectors as being deficient in an area. In 90 percent of the nursing home abuse cases, the abusers are known, meaning they could be staff, other residents, or friends and family members. 

If you suspect nursing home abuse, contact a Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer. An attorney can help you receive the compensation you deserve. However, many states have caps that limit the amount of compensation you can receive. Read more about this in our article about nursing home abuse caps 

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