Serious Injuries May Result From Not Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet

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A motorcyclist has a 35% higher chance of being hurt or killed in an accident than a passenger in an automobile, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A helmet isn’t necessarily going to lessen this risk, but it may increase the likelihood of survival and lower risk of head injuries and facial disfigurement. 

If you are riding a motorcycle without a helmet, you’re practically asking for trouble. Nineteen states currently have laws requiring helmets to be worn by all motorcycle riders and passengers. In 28 states, the laws only require helmet use under certain circumstances. In Illinois, New Hampshire, and Iowa, there are no motorcycle helmet laws in place at all. 

In the state of Kentucky, laws are quite lax regarding motorcycle helmet use. Still, serious injuries may occur when people don’t wear helmets, which is why they are so important. Disfigurement and facial trauma are two possible injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident. Such injuries may result in permanent scarring or lost teeth, and may require oral surgery or other corrective procedures or treatment. 

Other injuries may include concussions, contusions, brain damage, and more. These injuries are much more severe and may lead to debilitating recovery periods and loss of quality of life. To learn more about motorcycle helmet laws or to discuss your personal injury claim, speak with a Jefferson County injury attorney today by calling 888-450-4456.