TARC Bus Crashes Cause Injury for Several Louisville Residents in 2013

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You may have seen it on the news: a TARC bus crash injures three people after skidding off the road, commuters are stranded after a city bus breaks down, a car runs a red light and sends several transit commuters to the hospital.

If it seems like you’ve been hearing these stories more often than usual, it’s because there were countless accidents—and injuries—to TARC bus commuters in 2013. Here are just a few Louisville transit accidents that resulted in injuries last year:

  • On September 14, a TARC bus accident on the corner of Brownsboro Road and Hite Avenue injured two people when a Toyota Prius collided with a TARC3, a Paratransit Service that provides public transportation to people whose disabilities prevent them from using the regular fixed-route service.
  • Multiple EMS units responded to an accident on August 21 at Bardstown Road and Eastern Parkway. According to police officials, five adults and one child sustained injuries in the TARC bus crash.
  • LMPD spokeswoman Alicia Smiley confirmed that at least six adults and three children were injured in a bus accident on November 10. Police said that a car collided with a TARC bus at Caldwell and Jackson Streets, and that the injured victims were transported to area hospitals for treatment.

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