The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) has released new information about teen drivers and speeding that should cause all parents of teen drivers to stop and take notice. According to the GHSA report, about one-third of all fatal teen driver accidents in the United States are caused by speeding drivers. From 2000 to 2011, 19,447 speed-related fatal accidents involved teens in the United States.

Speeding Is Dangerous, but it Can Be Prevented

Despite what you may think when you talk to your teen, parents remain a primary influence in the life of their teen children. Thus, the GHSA recommends five specific things that parents of teen drivers can do to try to prevent speed-related fatal crashes. Specifically, parents may:

  • Discuss the importance of obeying speed limits, set a good example, and set and enforce family rules.
  • Prevent teens from having primary access to their own vehicle for the first year that they are independent drivers.
  • Make safety the top priority when selecting a car for your child.
  • Consider using in-vehicle speed monitoring devices.
  • Consider participating in insurance programs that monitor speed or other safety features.

If your teen listens, then your teen may avoid causing a speed-related fatal accident. Unfortunately, he may not be safe from the actions of his friends or other drivers.

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