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Featured Article From USA Today

“Many of our clients have suffered severe injuries that often require them to be dependent on a wheelchair for their day to day mobility. The importance of their wheelchair cannot be overstated but is often overlooked.    The recent article below brings this important issue front and…

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What to Do If You See Another Boat in Trouble

The sight is horrifying. You may have been enjoying an afternoon of fishing or recreation on Rough River Lake, Barren River Lake, or another Kentucky lake or river when you noticed another boat in trouble. Maybe you saw smoke from a fire, heard people screaming,…

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How Deep Was the Water? The Danger of Shallow Water Boat Accidents

It isn’t just the deep, cold waters in the middle of Lake Cumberland, Lake Barkely, or another Kentucky river or lake that can be dangerous. Shallow waters can also present significant risks of boat accidents and deaths. Just last month a recreational boat ran aground…

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Boating on Kentucky Rivers and Lakes—Are You in Danger?

Kentucky is a landlocked state. Despite our beautiful rivers and lakes, our state does not border an ocean. Unless they are traveling, our boaters do not deal with the large waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the fierce storms of the Gulf of Mexico, or the…

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How to Recover Damages From a Fatal Boat Accident When the Body Is Never Found

You know that your husband died while he was out boating with friends. The capsized boat was found and his friends’ bodies were recovered. Yet, your spouse was never found. While you know that your loved one died, there is that little glimmer of uncertainty….

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What Boat Operators Do Could Kill You

There are many reasons for fatal boat accidents. It is possible that an equipment problem could cause a fatal accident on the Ohio River or that someone else’s wake could cause a fatal accident on Lake Cumberland. However, it is more likely that a boat…

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