Hospital Negligence

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Hospital Parking Lot Slip and Fall Accidents

Hospitals are supposed to be places of healing. After all, medical practitioners are oath-bound to protect their patients’ health. However, hospitals have responsibilities beyond healthcare. Like most commercial properties, hospitals have a legal obligation to ensure that their premises are safe for employees and the…

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Transfer Accidents: Hospital Falls Can Cause Severe Injuries

It may seem like all you are doing is lying in bed during your hospital stay, and you’re right. Hospitalizations involve a lot of time in bed. However, you may be moved or transferred quite often, depending on the reason for your hospitalization, and hospital…

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What Could Happen When You Suffer Hospital Bed Falls and How Our Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

You thought you were going to be safe once you got in the hospital bed. Unfortunately, hospital bed falls can leave you in more pain and with more medical problems than you had before you were admitted to the hospital. Now, you need to know…

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How ER Intake Errors Can Cause Dangerous Delays in Treatment

Typically, before you get any medical treatment in an emergency room, you must go through the intake process. You depend on the person at the desk to start the process and to make sure that you get the medical treatment you need before any further…

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Are You Safe From Infection in a Louisville Hospital?

The hospital is the place that is supposed to make you better or relieve your pain. It is not supposed to be a dangerous place where you could acquire a potentially fatal infection that you didn’t have before arriving at the facility. Yet about 648,000…

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Ten Kentucky Hospitals See Medicare Payments Cut Because of Hospital-Acquired Infections

Ten Kentucky hospitals—15% of the Kentucky hospitals assessed by the federal government—are subject to federal penalties because of their rates of hospital-acquired infections and patient injuries. Specifically, the following hospitals, along with 711 other hospitals in the nation, will have their Medicare payments cut by…

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