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Is it Really Heartburn? Beware an Aortic Dissection Misdiagnosis in KY

It may seem incredible that the most dangerous health conditions are also the most misdiagnosed. However, this is exactly the case with aortic dissection (AD)—a tearing in the heart’s major artery that requires immediate surgery to avoid a fatal outcome. There are a number of…

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Has Your Kentucky Doctor Already Committed a Serious, or Fatal, Error?

85 Kentucky doctors had their hospital privileges taken away or restricted because of alleged or proven medical errors in the decade from 2001 to 2011. However, more than a third of those doctors never faced significant consequences from the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, according…

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The Beginning of a Kentucky Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Case

The process can be overwhelming. If you’ve been part of another personal injury lawsuit, done some research, or talked to friends then you know that there are lots of different steps involved in a lawsuit. However, you don’t need to think about them all at…

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Doctors and Patients Both Frustrated by Kentucky Cancer Misdiagnoses

If you’re angry after a recent Kentucky cancer misdiagnosis, you’re not alone. Researchers have found that although doctors may give out the wrong diagnosis, it’s a lack of proper protocol in the health care system that’s to blame. The BMJ Quality and Safety journal found…

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KY Women: Are You Suffering Anxiety, or a Misdiagnosed Heart Attack?

If you were relieved to hear that your recent heart attack symptoms were “just stress,” maybe you should ask for a second opinion. A recent study found that many patients who reported chest pain and shortness of breath to their primary care physicians were misdiagnosed…

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New Plan Announced to Reduce IT Related Medical Error Deaths

When healthcare technology, or medical IT, is used correctly it has the potential to save lives. It can prevent some mistakes that go unnoticed by handwritten medical records. However, healthcare technology is not a guarantee and, last month, The Department of Health and Human Services’…

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