Daycare Injuries

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What can my child recover for her pain and suffering after a daycare injury?

If you can prove that the daycare provider’s negligence or intentional abuse caused your child’s injuries, your child should be compensated for his or her suffering. That should include compensation for her tangible, or easily calculable, losses such as medical expenses. It should also include…

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How should I choose a daycare injury attorney?

You ask a very important question. The lawyer you hire to represent your child’s interests after a daycare abuse or negligence injury will have a significant impact on your child’s recovery and you should be very selective when considering your options. What to Consider Before…

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My child with special needs choked in a Kentucky daycare. Is the daycare liable for his injuries?

We are sorry to hear that your child went through this terrifying incident and suffered injuries as a result. You understandably want to hold the adults responsible for supervising your child accountable for the injuries your child has suffered. Whether the daycare is liable for…

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What should I do if my child suffers a brain injury at a Kentucky daycare?

You sent your child to daycare and you expected to pick your child up without a life-changing injury. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Your child has been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury because of something that happened while your child was in daycare, and…

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Who is legally responsible for my child’s injuries if my child was bitten by a dog on a daycare playground?

In Kentucky, dog owners are liable for any injury caused by their dogs. Therefore, the dog owner could be liable for the dog bite that your child suffered on a daycare playground. This may be the case whether a parent brought a dog along to…

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My child was hurt by a specific staff member at daycare. Is the daycare responsible for my child’s injuries?

In all cases, your child’s injuries are tragic and should never have happened. However, who is liable for your child’s injuries depends on the unique facts surrounding how he got hurt. It is important to make sure that a full investigation is done so that…

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