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Should I file a lawsuit if I’ve suffered hearing loss or tinnitus after using military-issued earplugs?

The short answer to your question is maybe. More information is needed in order for us to answer your questions more definitively. We encourage you to read the information on our website and to get in touch with us if you have questions. We accept…

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Should I file a lawsuit if I have already filed a complaint against a Kentucky daycare?

Yes. Complaints filed with the Kentucky Division of Regulated Child Care are important, but they won’t have the same outcome as a daycare abuse or negligence case that you file on behalf of your child who has been hurt. Possible Outcomes of a State Investigation…

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How long does a personal injury case take in Kentucky?

In 2016, it took an average of 13.23 months from the time a civil lawsuit was filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court to the time the lawsuit was resolved. However, this statistic only accounts for the time once a lawsuit is filed and does not…

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Can a driver who is high on pot cause a deadly accident?

Yes. A driver who is under the influence of marijuana or other drugs may cause a fatal accident—but so too can a sober driver. Accordingly, it is important to know exactly why a driver who is high on pot may be dangerous and what you…

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What role do insurance companies play in fatal boat accident recoveries?

You are still dealing with the news that your spouse, child, or parent died on the Ohio River, Barren River Lake, or another body of water in Kentucky. While you are busy notifying family members, making arrangements, and grieving, the insurance adjuster may be busy…

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Are all deadly boat accidents in Kentucky caused by negligent boat operators?

No. Not every fatal boat accident in Kentucky is caused by the negligence of a boat operator. However, boat operator negligence is a factor that should be considered as a possible cause of a fatal accident on the Ohio River, on Lake Cumberland, or on…

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