I’m helping my uncle find a good nursing home in Kentucky. I’ve gotten copies of inspection records for a number of facilities, and I’m a little confused about the terminology. What’s the difference between “Quality of Care” and “Quality of Life”?

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“Quality of Care” and “Quality of Life” are two of the three most commonly cited abuse-related deficiencies on nursing home inspection reports, the third being “Resident Behavior and Facility Practices.” 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services conducted nursing home studies in 2005, 2006, and 2007. They concluded that more than 91 percent of the nursing homes in the studies were cited for deficiencies, primarily in these three areas: 

Quality of Care refers to the care to which each resident is entitled. Being cited for deficiencies in this category means that the nursing home staff are being neglectful or abusive to residents. As an example, residents’ care should be such that it prevents and, if necessary, treats pressure sores and avoids administration of too much, too little, or unprescribed drugs. 

Quality of Life deficiencies imply that the nursing home does not provide a safe, clean, homelike environment for residents.

Deficiencies in Resident Behavior and Facility Practices indicate that the nursing home is being cited for abuse. This category covers residents’ freedom from physical, chemical, and emotional abuse. 

Nursing home residents have the right to expect care that is respectful and sufficient to sustain or improve their health. 

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