I suffered a blow to the head and went to the emergency room. I thought I might have a brain injury since the pain was so intense, but they wouldn’t have sent me home if it was serious, right?

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Wrong. Although headache intensity and frequency are considered major factors in assessing disability after mild traumatic brain injury in Louisville, it has been proven that many ERs do not take a patient’s pain into consideration when treating the condition—leading to possible loss of speech, cognitive brain function, or even early death.

A recent study published in the Emergency Medicine Journal uncovered some disturbing facts about hospital treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI):

  • Over half of all brain trauma victims who were taken to the emergency room for treatment did not have proper pain documentation. 
  • Although brain injuries are often diagnosed with scanning devices, accurate accounting of pain is vital to providing a proper treatment plan for mild to severe TBI.
  • The lack of documentation may qualify as an oversight, since emergency rooms in the U.S. are required to assess pain in all patients in order to be considered accredited.

At Gray and White, we know that mild TBI can have serious consequences—and the best chance for full recovery is early and thorough treatment. If you were dismissed from an ER before your condition was treated properly, our Kentucky brain injury lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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