My child suffered a Kentucky brain injury; will it impact his ability to learn?

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Sadly, the answer to this question is that yes, your child’s brain injury may impact his ability to learn. Kentucky brain injuries result in many side effects that can continue long after the obvious outward signs of injury have disappeared. For children who suffer these devastating injuries, the impact can be very detrimental during formative years. In order to help your child learn to the best of his abilities, it is important to watch for and anticipate the following symptoms:


  1. Difficulty concentrating while the teacher is educating the class.
  2. Feeling frustrated that it is suddenly far more difficult to master new skills in the classroom.
  3. Acting out at inappropriate times.
  4. Difficulty staying focused while taking an exam.
  5. Feeling exhausted before the full of day of classes is complete.


If you do notice any of the above signs after your child suffers from a brain injury in Louisville, there are steps that you can take to make school easier. It is vital that you speak up right away to your child’s teachers so that they can make necessary accommodations. Your child’s school may provide your child with a quiet classroom, individualized tutoring, opportunities for rest, and a revised schedule that allows more time for completing lessons.

Brain injuries impact victims and their families in many ways beyond the physical damage from the accident. Ensuring that your child receives the compensation that he deserves for this injury will go a long way towards his ability to live his life as fully as possible following the accident. 

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