My husband was killed in a car accident. How can I tell if it is a case of wrongful death, and if it is, who do I sue?

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We are sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one. While we cannot bring him back, we can certainly help you recover costs and seek emotional damages for his untimely death.

Depending on the details of your case, your Kentucky wrongful death suit may seek compensation from:

  • Drunk drivers. If the driver who caused the accident was driving under the influence, you could sue him, the bar who served him, or even the owner of the establishment where the alcohol was served.
  • At-fault drivers. Even if he caused the accident while sober, a driver may be held liable for wrongful death.
  • State and city officials. If a roadway was poorly designed, not well-lit, or lacked proper warning signs, you may sue city planners, the state officials, or local departments in charge of driver safety.
  • Truck drivers. If a tractor-trailer was involved in the accident, you may seek damages from the trucker, the trucking company, and even the loading and maintenance crews.
  • Manufacturers. In some cases, defective auto parts are to blame for car accidents. If a faulty seat belt, accelerator, or other mechanical device caused the accident, the designer or manufacturer of the item may be held liable.
  • Employers. If your husband was killed on the job, an employer may be liable for his lack of safety—especially if the vehicle he was driving was company-owned.
  • Medical staff. If your husband would have recovered if not for the actions of hospital staff, you could have a medical negligence suit. 

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