On my way home from work this evening, I visited my grandmother in her Louisville nursing home. I was annoyed to find her lying in soiled bed sheets, wearing the same dress she was wearing when I visited her on the weekend. Her hair had obviously not been brushed today, and there was dried food in it. Who can I complain to?

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You sure seem to have a tight case for negligence. Get started on the following process right away. If your grandmother was lying in soiled sheets, she could develop pressure ulcers (bedsores), if she hasn’t already. Although they don’t sound serious, they can lead to sepsis and, ultimately, death.

First, did you speak to the supervising nurse or the nursing home manager? I’d begin there; but if the situation isn’t immediately corrected or if it recurs, here’s what to do:

  1. Before you contact anyone, write everything down: the date and time you visited, both on the weekend and today; your observations; and to whom at the nursing home you reported the situation.
  2. Contact the Kentucky Long-Term-Care Ombudsman, currently Kimberly Baker:

(502) 564-6930, ext. 3536

(800) 372-2991

TTY (for hearing impaired) (888) 642-1137

Fax (502) 564-4595

  1. Get some reliable legal advice. 

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