What constitutes nursing home abuse or neglect in a Kentucky nursing home?

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What constitutes abuse or neglect in a Kentucky nursing home is when a resident becomes a victim of someone else’s negligent or harmful actions. This can include a number of circumstances in which a resident may be hurt physically, emotionally, sexually or financially. A Kentucky nursing home abuse attorney can help determine if you have a solid case.

Physical abuse and neglect are the most common types of abuse that are easily recognized. Outward signs are often noticed, which could include injuries to the victim or a deterioration of health. This can result from unnecessary restraints or hitting a resident. It can also result from failing to provide proper nutrition and necessary medication.

While emotional abuse isn’t as easy to recognize, it is still a form of abuse that can lead to devastating consequences. A victim may suffer from severe depression, fear or anxiety.

Sadly, sexual abuse is not uncommon and is another type that may not be easily detected. Oftentimes, the victim will withdraw or isolate him or herself from others.

Financial abuse consists of taking advantage of a resident’s finances or outright stealing from them. There are many forms of financial abuse that can deplete victims of their resources.

When a loved one suffers serious injuries in a Kentucky nursing home, the facility and/or caregiver(s) can be held liable. You may be able to receive compensation for the medical expenses and other damages related to your loved one’s injuries.

Whether it was abuse or neglect in a Kentucky nursing home, you have the right to seek legal recourse. Contact an attorney today to learn what your next step should be.

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