What does it mean if my baby has a developmental delay in Louisville?

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If your baby has a developmental delay, it means that the milestones expected by a certain age haven’t been reached. Sometimes these delays are temporary or considered to be mild. But other delays could indicate a significant problem. Sometimes medical negligence may have been a factor in this occurrence, which you should discuss with a Louisville birth injury lawyer.

If you believe that your child is developing abnormally, it may be because of a doctor’s mistake, especially during labor and delivery. Doctors are usually the first to notice a developmental delay but parents may too. Sometimes there are unnecessary concerns about how long a child is taking to do something. Other times there may be a serious cause for concern because it may be crucial to their health.

During a child’s first 3 years of life, they go through significant changes that affect their motor skills, ability to communicate, think and more. Sometimes there are delays caused by genetic conditions, such as Down syndrome. Other times they are the result of complications during delivery. 

When there are complications during labor and delivery, they may be completely unavoidable; however, there are circumstances where a doctor’s mistake or a failure to perform a particular action is the cause. In these cases, it could lead to the doctor being held liable.

Determining whether or not your child’s unusual development is the result of a preventable medical mistake isn’t easy. You should first seek help from an attorney. An attorney can look at the facts surrounding your child’s situation and determine if there is a case of medical negligence.

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