How much time will I have to devote to my loved one’s nursing home injury lawsuit?

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You had a lot on your plate before your loved one was hurt by nursing home abuse or neglect. Now, you want to protect your loved one’s right to make a fair and just recovery, but you may be worried about how much of your time and attention it will take away from your job, your family, and caring for your loved one.

A Nursing Home Injury Lawsuit Won’t Take Much of Your Time

While everything may seem overwhelming right now while you deal with your loved one’s injury, pursuing a lawsuit will not make your life more complicated. Once you hire a nursing home injury lawyer to protect your loved one’s rights and to pursue a nursing home abuse or negligence case, you can trust that everything is being done to protect your loved one’s possible recovery. You won’t have to spend time negotiating with the nursing home or insurance company, gathering evidence, providing evidence to the other side, or preparing for court. Your lawyer will do this work for you.

You, or your loved one, will retain the right to accept or deny any settlement offers, but the day-to-day work of pursuing a lawsuit will not be on your shoulders.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

If you believe your loved one is being subjected to nursing home abuse you need to speak with an experienced Kentucky nursing home neglect attorney as soon as possible. Contact us online or call our office directly at 888.450.4456 to schedule a free consultation.

Our experienced nursing home injury lawyers would be happy to review your loved one’s case and explain exactly how a lawsuit will work, what you can expect, and why pursuing justice is important. We are committed to helping nursing home residents recover from the abuse and neglect injuries they should never have suffered.


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