A Cancer Misdiagnosis in Louisville Can Cause Delayed Treatment or Death

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You were so relieved to have a clean bill of health after your cancer screening. You know how important early treatment can be, so it was a weight off your mind to know that you would not have to worry about the possibility of this terrible disease for another whole year.


But what if a year later, you were told your first results were incorrect—and now the cancer has spread so far that treatment will be less effective?


Unfortunately for many patients, this nightmare scenario has become a reality. Misread test results or failure to perform additional testing has caused numerous patients to suffer delayed treatment, additional surgeries, or even early death as a result of Kentucky cancer misdiagnosis.


The most common forms of misdiagnosed cancer include:


  • Breast cancer – Although regular breast cancer screenings are recommended for women over 50, an increasing number of young women are succumbing to the disease and since they are not considered high-risk, a young woman’s breast cancer symptoms may easily be overlooked.
  • Skin cancer – Your doctor should perform regular skin checks to detect any irregular moles or discolorations that could indicate skin cancer. Since skin cancer can spread quickly, many doctors will opt to remove any suspicious moles and biopsy the material to determine if the patient is in danger.
  • Colon cancer – Many colon cancers begin as polyps, which can take many years to become cancerous. Patients may need a colonoscopy to confirm the presence of a polyp and will need to have it surgically removed. As with breast cancer, misdiagnosis often happens with patients in younger age groups, since the common symptoms of rectal bleeding or irregular bowel movements may be linked to other conditions.


Since time is the most important factor in effective cancer treatment, doctors are advised to perform a multitude of tests before ruling out a cancer diagnosis. This can include biopsy, lumpectomy, blood testing, imaging tests, and regular follow-up treatment to ensure that the patient is not living with an untreated condition.


If your doctor did not perform all necessary tests to confirm your cancer diagnosis, you may be able to seek justice with a medical malpractice case. Contact Gray and White today at 800.634.8767 or fill out the contact form on the top of this page to find out your legal options in your FREE case evaluation.