Surgical Anesthesia May Cause Brain Damage and Death in KY Hospitals

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Before you underwent surgery, you probably met with the anesthesiologist who would be taking care of you while you were unconscious. He explained the risks of Louisville anesthesia brain injury while you listened nervously, wondering if all those words like “slight chance” and “in rare cases” would ever apply to you.

And now that it did, you know the truth: that a patient’s brain is at risk every time anesthesia is administered—and if vital signs are not monitored carefully, a patient could suffer life-altering side effects.

Here are just a few ways a patient may suffer anesthesia over-medication in Kentucky:

  • Permanent brain injuries. Anesthesia dulls the senses and pulls the patient from consciousness, effectively slowing down the body’s processes. But this can also affect the amount of oxygen that is sent to the brain, resulting in cognitive impairment that may last a lifetime.
  • Temporary mental impairment. Patients are often warned that they may wake up groggy after surgery. But some spend days or even months coping with amnesia or cognitive problems, unaware that they were caused as a result of anesthesia.
  • Cardiac arrest. Overdose of anesthesia can severely slow a patient’s heart rate. If he is given enough, his heart may stop—and without corrective medication or life-saving procedures, it may not re-start. 
  • Death. Patients will require a breathing tube while under general anesthesia, since their muscles will be too relaxed to allow them to breath on their own. As a result, the muscles that prevent a patient from breathing in saliva, stomach contents or other fluids are also immobile, leading to pneumonia or suffocation. 

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