Preventing Financial Elderly Abuse in Kentucky (Part B)

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Working with the bank is another way to help prevent financial elderly abuse in Kentucky. There may be ways to set up your loved one’s accounts so that there is better control over who can access them. There should also be caution used when it comes to establishing joint accounts.

If your loved one has an ATM card, remind them to never give the pin number away to someone. If they no longer use their ATM card, have it canceled.

Preventing financial elderly abuse in Kentucky can also be done by having frequent discussions about scams and how if something sounds too good to be true, it likely is. You could also offer to look over your loved one’s monthly bank and credit card statements to check for any unauthorized transactions.

There are legal measures that can also be taken, such as assigning a power of attorney, if you fear your loved one has been exploited financially. There must be careful consideration made however, as to the choosing of this person. There may need to be something put in writing with regard to compensation, if any, that will be paid to this person.

Help from a Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer 

You may need to seek help from a Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer if you discover that your loved one has been the victim of financial abuse. You should also make a report with your local abuse hotline.

But if you want to see any legal actions taken against the party who has abused your loved one financially, you will need legal representation. A Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer can look into the details of your case to see if there is enough evidence to prove liability.

If so, a lawyer can help collect that evidence and assist you throughout the entire process of your claim. This may include completion of the paperwork, consulting with financial institutions and other means of helping build a solid case.

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