Are You Suffering a Brain Injury That Norton’s in Louisville Could Have Prevented?

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After you heard that someone in your family suffered a brain injury, everything else became a blur. He may never regain consciousness, they could do nothing—and now your entire lives have been changed forever.

But what if the hospital wasn’t being entirely truthful? What if there was something they could have done that they didn’t—or something they did—that caused your loved one’s condition?

If this sounds incredible, you should know that hospital errors and oversights happen every day—often with catastrophic results. The truth is, there are many ways your loved one could have suffered a brain injury at Norton’s hospital in Louisville, including:

  • Brain swelling. In many cases, an immediate brain injury may be less serious than the effects it causes. In the hours or days following the accident, damage to the brain tissue can cause the brain to swell beneath the skull, cutting off the oxygen supply to the brain and causing tissue death. If the brain stem or spinal cord is affected, the victim may not be able to breathe on his own, causing severe disability or death.
  • Brain bleeding. A hematoma, or bleeding inside the brain, occurs in roughly 30 percent of patients with severe head trauma. Tiny veins in the brain bleeding very slowly, leading a victim to believe he is not seriously injured in the moments after the accident—only to suffer increased intracranial pressure and compressed brain tissues as the blood slowly pools within the skull.
  • Anesthesia. An overdose of anesthesia during surgery may result in a lack of oxygen to the brain, causing a patient to lapse into a coma, suffer amnesia upon waking, or even succumb to early death.
  • Negligence. There are many cases when hospital mistakes can lead to irreparable brain damage, such as failing to read a patient’s chart correctly, administering the wrong medication, or failing to diagnose a condition correctly.

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