5 Ways to Build Your Case after an Elderly Medication Error in Kentucky

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If you have an aging parent, you’re probably worried about what can happen to him while you’re not around. You have put safeguards in place at home—such as shower rails to prevent slipping and a beeper to call for help—but he may be even more at risk when filling a prescription.

Thousands of senior citizens suffer harmful medication mistakes every year—and while not all of them can be prevented, there are steps you can take to ensure the mistake will not happen to someone else. 

If someone you love suffered an elderly medication error in KY, it is important to take these 5 steps:

  • Don’t return the medication. When you report the error to the pharmacy, never allow them to keep the bottle with the incorrect medication. The drug and its packaging are vital evidence in your case.
  • Don’t shrug it off. Many people are willing to forget their pharmacy’s mistake because it didn’t do “that much” harm. But any harm to a patient should be reported—especially since it can happen to someone else.
  • Don’t accept “I’m sorry.” Pharmacies will often instruct their staff members to diffuse a potential lawsuit by exchanging the medication and apologizing as quickly as possible.
  • Double-check all medications. This may not be the only medication error your family member suffered. Go through the medicine cabinet to make sure all the rest of his prescriptions are correct.
  • Know your rights. If someone you love suffered an injury because of a pharmacy error, you can get compensation for medical costs and get justice from the person responsible. Always contact an attorney to discuss your legal options.

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