What to Expect if One or More Lobes Are Damaged in a Louisville Brain Injury

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After your loved one was involved in an accident, you probably weren’t thinking about the how, when, or where. You were on your way to their hospital room, where the doctor informed you that they had suffered serious head trauma.


Now that you have gotten over the shock, you’re wondering just how affected your family member will be after he recovers—or what you can do if his brain is unable to repair the damage.


To know what to expect in your relative’s Louisville brain injury, you will have to know the location of the trauma. For instance:


  • A temporal lobe injury occurs when a victim suffers a blow to either side of the head. Patients are likely to suffer a change in cognitive skills, such as memory and language. Damage to the temporal lobes can also cause seizures and upset the brain’s limbic system, which helps regulate emotions.
  • A frontal lobe injury is a common type head injury that occurs anywhere from the front of the brain behind the eyes, to the crown of the head. An injury along this large area of the brain can cause an interruption in behavioral control, such as a sudden lack of good judgment or impulsive behavior.
  • A brain stem injury is any trauma to the back of the head, including the posterior skull or cervical spine. The brain stem is the body’s regulation and arousal control center, and injury may cause frustration, breathing problems, or irrational anger.


There are many ways you can help your loved one recover from a traumatic brain injury. He will likely be frustrated at his limitations and frightened at the changes he will have to face, so the best thing you can do is be as patient as possible.


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