Getting Help from Louisville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney when a Loved One Falls Victim to Elder Abuse (Part B)

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Signs of Emotional Elder Abuse

Emotional abuse is the most difficult to detect. It isn’t always obvious but there may be other signs that accompany this form of abuse such as physical injuries. 

Some of the signs that may indicate emotional elder abuse is taking place include: 

  • witnessing the resident being yelled at, threatened, or belittled;
  • resident (or other residents) complain about the way they are being treated;
  • withdrawn;
  • sudden changes in personality;
  • depression;
  • is fearful of caregiver; and
  • suddenly develops unusual behaviors such as sucking, rocking, mumbling, biting. 

Risk Factors of Elder Abuse

There are several risk factors that can lead to emotional abuse of a resident:  

  • nursing home caregivers who are unable to cope with the stresses of their work;
  • lack of support or help from other caregivers; and
  • feeling unappreciated may increase the chance of inflicting emotional abuse on the elderly. 

Conditions of the residents may also make them a more likely target for elder abuse. Those with severe illness, such as dementia, or those who act out may put them at risk. This isn’t an excuse for elder abuse but it does indicate the potential for it to occur.

When there are signs of elder abuse or if you have actually witnessed your loved one being victimized by a caregiver, you should seek legal counsel. Don’t dismiss emotional abuse as something that doesn’t warrant protection. It can be extremely damaging and it may be an indication that other forms of abuse are also occurring.

Speak with a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney who may investigate further into the situation. They may be able to uncover significant evidence that demonstrates liability of a caregiver and/or facility. This could lead to the filing of a claim and compensation for the damages your loved one has suffered.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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