When Medical Negligence in Louisville Causes Baby Developmental Delay

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When medical negligence causes injury to your baby, developmental delay may be obvious. Some forms are mild but others are significant and could be life-impacting. To learn if you are eligible to pursue a claim against a healthcare provider, contact a Louisville birth injury lawyer.

A Close Look at Baby Developmental Delay

There are 5 areas in which a baby or young child could have problems. Being aware of potential delays is important so that it can be appropriately addressed.

Here are 5 common types of developmental delays: 

  • Motor Skills/Movement – fear of normal movements, extreme sensory activities (rocking, hand-flapping), significant reactions to textures or touch;
  • Cognitive Skills/Thinking – doesn’t imitate words/actions, can’t follow simple instructions, doesn’t use gestures, or doesn’t know how to use common objects (spoon, hairbrush);
  • Language/Speech – inability to understand directions, dysfunction of verbal expressions, trouble forming words, hearing loss;
  • Social/Emotional – doesn’t smile, doesn’t notice new faces or is fearful, lack of affection, unable to be comforted, doesn’t engage in back-and-forth play/activities; and
  • Vision – nearsightedness, farsightedness, blindness, lazy eye, cross-eyes. 

Medical treatment may be available for many of these developmental delays. Getting an early diagnosis and receiving prompt care could make a significant difference.

A developmental delay could be a sign that an injury at birth was the cause. This may be considered a form of medical negligence.

Or if there was a failure to recognize a baby developmental delay, this could also lead to a doctor or another healthcare provider being held liable. When a doctor fails to recognize signs of a delay and the appropriate type of treatment isn’t offered, this could further complicate matters.

Birth injuries aren’t always immediately evident. Sometimes it is not until the child begins to grow when the parent notices a delay. This can make a case more difficult to pursue but you shouldn’t let this deter you if you believe your child was the victim of medical negligence.

It would be in your best interest to immediately seek legal counsel from a Louisville birth injury lawyer. Since there may be a time limit in which you can file a claim, you don’t want to delay things any longer than necessary. A lawyer can determine if you have a valid claim worth pursuing.

You will also need help from a lawyer as evidence proving medical negligence will be necessary. Experienced legal counsel understands the type that will help and may be able to access evidence you couldn’t, such as testimony from a medical expert.

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