Kentucky Nursing Home Neglect When a Patient is on a Ventilator (Part A)

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When a nursing home patient is on a ventilator, and he or she isn’t properly monitored or cared for, it can lead to serious or even fatal consequences. If your loved one suffered at the hands of a nursing home facility and/or caregiver while on a ventilator, contact a Louisville nursing home neglect lawyer for help.

When a Nursing Home Patient Requires a Ventilator

A ventilator, which accompanies a breathing tube, allows for the removal of mucus from a patient’s lungs. The breathing tube helps the patient to breathe, and the two together are necessary for keeping a patient alive.

A breathing tube and ventilator is used to on patients who are weak and/or ill. Their dependence on nursing home staff to care for them and the equipment properly is especially important. When there is a failure to do so, it may be necessary to consult with a Louisville nursing home neglect lawyer.

Negligence in Caring for a Nursing Home Patient on a Ventilator

There are different types of negligence that can occur when a patient is on a ventilator. One type of negligence involves the care of the tubes. If a patient isn’t properly monitored, the tubes can become clogged. A failure to remove mucus could prevent the patient from breathing and lead to brain damage or death.

Tubes can also dislodge from the patient. Whether this occurs by accident or the patient removes it, nursing home staff must take appropriate measures to correct it. Failure to reinsert the tube, due to a lack of supervision, could be fatal. If the patient is combative about having the ventilator, then it may be necessary to administer a sedative or restrain the hands.

Proper care of the ventilator equipment and careful monitoring of the patient are vital. 

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