How and Why to Avoid Media Attention After a TARC Accident

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It seems like the news reporters and the newspapers journalists were at the scene of your Transit Authority of River City (TARC) bus accident almost as soon as the collision occurred. You may be simultaneously wondering how they arrived so quickly and worried about giving a statement or appearing on camera.

You Are Right to Be Concerned

You can be sure that anything that you say on camera or to a journalist is going to be heard or read by TARC insurance adjusters and lawyers. If you appear uninjured immediately after the accident then you may later have trouble recovering damages if your injuries appear hours or days after the TARC bus crash on Taylorsville Road, 3rd Street, or another Louisville road.

How to Avoid the Media and What to Do Instead

Reporters and journalists may seem relentless. They may encourage you to tell your side of the story on the evening news or in the local paper. Their goal is to get a good story that other people want to hear and other people want to hear from someone who was on the bus at the time of the crash.

You have the right to refuse the media’s requests, however. You have the right to say, “I do not want to give a statement and I do not want to appear on camera.” Be explicit and polite in your directions and, if necessary, follow it up with an email from your smartphone to the station or newspaper.

Then, start taking care of you. For you, the TARC accident was not a news story but rather a personal one. You need to focus on your own recovery by getting medical attention for your injuries and by contacting an experienced lawyer. Please either fill out the online contact form on this website or call us directly to schedule a free consultation about your rights and possible recovery.

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