Air Force Captain Dies in Motorcycle Crash

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Will Davis, 28, was a Captain in the Air Force and had just returned home to his family in Louisville after a deployment in Saudi Arabia. Davis was home less than 24 hours when he was tragically killed in a Kentucky motorcycle accident on Brownsboro Road near Springcrest Drive.

Davis was on his way to visit his friend Joel Zimmerman, but the rain that night caused him to lose control of the motorcycle he was riding and he crashed into a car. Zimmerman says that in the hours leading up to the accident, Davis had spent time with his father and watched his favorite team beat the Cats for the Governor’s Cup. He was also only supposed to be in Louisville for one week until he moved to Boston where he would be stationed for the next two years.

Davis was a 2002 graduate of Ballard High School and attended college at Miami University in Ohio.

Davis did have his helmet on at the time of the crash, but it was not able to save him. Brittany Holeman, a witness who stopped to help, said he was still alive when she got there, but his pulse was weak. There was also a doctor and nurse in traffic behind the accident that stopped to help. Davis died at University Hospital of multiple blunt force trauma.

We appreciate all that Mr. Davis did to serve our country and we offer our sincere condolences to his family and friends.