Depo-Provera Linked Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

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Recent research suggesting that Depo-Provera could be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer in younger women is an example of a potentially dangerous drug. When the side effects of a drug could cause adverse health effects, it must be decided if the benefits are greater than the risk.

The study found there is a 2.2-fold increased risk of breast cancer for those women who have been using the injectable contraceptive for at least a year. It was also found that after a woman stopped using it, with time, the risk would decrease.

Filing a Medication Error Claim in Kentucky

Most drugs have side effects or risks associated with them. Making the decision as to whether the risks are worth the benefits is important. Of course, patients also rely upon the doctor’s advice for this as well.

If a doctor fails to inform a patient of the risks or knows that the consequences could be severe due to the patient’s medical condition, then the doctor may be held liable in a medication error claim, if his or her actions result in serious injuries. In some cases, you may even be able to hold the pharmacy or hospital responsible. This will depend on the specifics of your case.

Contacting a Kentucky Medication Mistake Attorney

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