Kentucky Doctor Ordered to Close Practice

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Dr. James Bridges, a Tennessee-licensed physician, had his temporary Kentucky license taken away when it was discovered by the state Board of Medical Licensure that he was dispensing “large quatities of narcotics.” The Board’s Medical Investigator, Doug Wilson, said the exact medications were oxycodone—a very addictive pain pill—and Xanax. Wilson said that oxycodone and Xanax are a “deadly combination” when taken at the same time.

Bridges’ clinic was in Bowling Green, across the street from Greenview Regional Hospital. There were so many people from across the state coming to see Bridges that his clinic’s parking lot was often full and the overflow would park in the hospital’s parking lot. This was a red flag to the hospital staff and created security concerns, so they contacted the local police.

An investigation was launched and law enforcement noticed that Bridges had opened a practice in Louisville on May 15 and closed it on June 20. He then moved his business to Bowling Green and opened Advanced Therapeutics.

The Clay County Sheriff said Bridges prescribed 40,000 pills to only 200 people in a three-month period. Clay County Sheriff Kevin Johnson said, “Not all these patients, per say, but the majority of them in question are driving long distances to obtain a large amount of prescription drugs that we feel in some cases they are being paid.”

Bridges was forced to close his practice when the state Board revoked his temporary permit, but he has not yet been charged with anything.