Kentucky Is the First State in the Nation to Try This

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This month we are all observing National Distracted Driving Awareness month. The purpose of this month is not just to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, but also to prevent future distracted driving accidents, injuries and fatalities.

What Kentucky Is Doing

Kentucky, like the federal government, other state governments, and many organizations, is working to raise awareness about the problem and to prevent future accidents. However, Kentucky is reportedly taking a different approach than other states to reach this goal. Specifically, the Commonwealth of Kentucky is offering a free smartphone app to all licensed drivers in the state and to other residents.

Here’s How it Works

Kentucky is offering a free, one year subscription to a smartphone app called TextLimit. TextLimit works with the GPS technology in a smartphone to determine the speed at which the phone is traveling. When the vehicle that the phone is in reaches a certain speed the touch screen function of the phone is disabled. Only an administrator can program in the speed at which the touch screen is disabled. If a user attempts to override the pre-programmed settings then the administrator is notified. The Administrator can allow certain phone numbers to call into the cell phone at any time and 911 is always available.

As of April 1, 2014 this was the only app available for iPhones that allegedly stops distracted driving. West Virginia is expected to make this app available for free to its drivers later this month. However, Kentucky was the first state in the nation to take this approach to ending distracted driving accidents.

For more information, and to download the app, please go to your app store on your Apple or Android phone.

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