PA Nursing Home Director Theft of Painkillers

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Even if there is no physical abuse displayed on your elderly loved one while under nursing home care, this doesn’t mean medical negligence isn’t present and could cause serious harm. Take the report from Go Erie as an example where a settlement was reached after a Pennsylvania nursing home director stole a resident’s prescription painkillers.

Julia D. Yurick, a resident at Sunrise Assisted Living, was prescribed painkiller medication after a broken hip in 2004 and then a spine fracture in 2006. However, the director of the facility, Marilyn DeDionisio, used the medicine to feed her own addiction to prescription painkillers.

DeDionisio was prosecuted in 2008 and given probation for 12 months. The undisclosed settlement was recently reached in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Yurick’s son, Charles Campagne. 

Nursing home abuse and neglect can come in all forms. Denying a patient medication is just one. If your loved one suffered any type of abuse—physical, emotional, financial, verbal, sexual, or neglect—compensation could be available if it resulted in serious injuries. Liability may be found with the caregiver and/or the facility. 

To learn what your loved one’s rights are and what steps you can take to protect them, seek help from a Kentucky nursing home lawyer. A lawyer may be able to assist you with the complex paperwork involved in filing a claim and the collection of evidence that can help prove nursing home abuse or neglect.

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