While pregnant, you did everything right to protect your unborn baby—following your doctor’s orders and taking the prescription drugs prescribed to you. Yet somehow your baby suffered a birth injury in Kentucky, and you want to know who may be responsible for the harm your child suffered.

The sad reality is that some prescription medications taken while pregnant can cause birth defects. Although you may be kicking yourself for taking pills during pregnancy, you were not alone in this. Would you have taken these pills without a prescription? Probably not! This is why there are three possible liable parties involved in prescription drug birth injury cases, including:

  1. Doctor. If the prescribing doctor knew you were pregnant, you may have a claim for medical negligence.
  2. Pharmacist. If the pharmacist failed to review the drug with you and warn you about potential birth defects as a side effect, he or she may also be to blame.
  3. Drug Company. If the drug manufacturer did not provide adequate warnings and patient information, they may be liable.

These cases can be complex since there may be multiple parties responsible for your child’s birth injury. To find out about your rights and to learn about Kentucky birth injury lawsuits, call Gray and White for a free consultation at 888.450.4456 or contact us online at

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