All that parents want is a healthy baby. However, a medical mistake, hospital error or medical negligence can lead to a birth injury that leaves your infant with permanent brain damage, changing the course of your newborn’s life and your life.

The most common cause of brain damage during the labor and delivery process is a lack of oxygen to the brain. This can be the result of fetal distress, an umbilical cord that has prolapsed or wrapped around the baby, or a baby who becomes caught in the birth canal.

If your baby suffered brain damage during birth, understanding what caused the injury is critical. Did the doctor or hospital fail to monitor your baby’s vital signs during labor? Did the doctor or hospital fail to deliver your baby in a timely manner? Did they respond correctly when they discovered your baby was in distress? Did you doctor fail to perform an emergency c-section at a reasonable time?

At Gray & White, our Louisville birth injury attorneys can help you determine whether or not your child’s brain injury was the result of negligence or carelessness. We can also help you recover damages to pay for your child’s medical bills, future healthcare needs, and lost future wages. Get your questions answered by scheduling a free, confidential meeting with one of our lawyers today. Call 888-450-4456 to learn more.

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